Life and other activities

You've come to the right place

Your student years are a precious time. They're the best chance you'll ever have to explore, discover, make new friends and see new sights. To have fun, be creative and be free.

Don't waste those years stuck in a place with nothing to do or see. Or an inner-city student ghetto. Choose Slovakia's greatest city for university life.

Students enjoy the time of their lives in Nitra. No other place can come close within Slovakia. Take some time to explore these pages and find out why.

Nitra is one of the most exciting cities in Slovakia and has one of the largest student populations. You will find something to cater for every taste, be it dancing until 4am, shopping for the latest fashions, sampling some of the local music, or relaxing in one of the many coffee shops located in shopping malls in around the city.

Why? It's friendly, it's beautiful, it's catering modern trends while accomodating long history, most importantly it's safe.

A city full of Activities and why not try...



The Art gallery is a great place to relax with several exhibitions during the year


There are two professional theatres in Nitra Staredivadlo and Divadlo Andrea Bagara which cater for a variety of tastes and audiences. Vast number of performances are held including international events.


The shopping mall Max is famous for its cinema, you will be never bored with the range throughout the year.


Agrokomplex situated right next to the campus was founded in 1974 and nowadays it is one of the most prestigious fair organizations in Slovakia. World famous fairs are held regularly attracting several thousand foreigners.

Shopping and Dinning

Shopping Malls

You will find an array of shopping malls which offers wide range of shopping experience.  Galeria Mlyny, N Centro, Max, Galeria offer hours of shopping within walking distance to the main campus. Shops often provide student discount upon showing student ID cards.

Grocery shopping

The options in Nitra for doing your grocery shopping include major supermarkets, greengrocers, Market place and health food shops. Tesco, Kaufland, Billa, Hypernova, Lidl super markets are situated within walking distance while Market place which offers fresh vegetable and meat from small suppliers.


As a city of many cultures Nitra, offers many restaurants serving a variety of exciting cuisines, such as Wasabi Sushi Bar, River Restaurant serving local cuisines, etc...

Cafe and Bars

Nitra is a city in which you will find a cafe in every corner. Hundreds of small modern cafes are often relax place for students and professionals.

Nights out

Night Clubs

Whatever your taste in music, you are sure to find a place you love in Nitra’s wide selection of clubs.