Nitra city

Nitra is one of the oldest towns in Slovakia. It is also famous as a centre of agriculture and a town full of youth. Two universities within town centre accommodates over 20 000 students. Nitra is a  region, which covers a territory of over 108 square kilometres and a population of approx. 82 000. Majority of the population is Roman Catholics. The beauty of Nitra is divided into many small suburbs like Dolné Krškany, Horné Krškany, Staré Mesto, Čermáň, Klokočina, Diely, Párovské Háje, Kynek, Mlynárce, Zobor, Dražovce, Chrenová, Janíkovce. 

The most dominant sight of the town is the Nitra castle, especially under the glare of the Moon. Entrance to the castle is from the Upper town. The Upper town is the most impressive part of Nitra, decorated by precious historical buildings, such as St. Peter´s and Paul´s Church.

With the emergence of growing Eastern European economies Nitra has responded to foreign investors by establishing industrial estates. Employment opportunities are growing as a result of local economic development.

For further information and current activities visit http://www.nisys.sk/www/index.php?lang=en